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Chapter 1: Ben and Madison - the Weirdo Kids

When we first met, we were super awkward 14 year old’s. Despite our weirdness, we connected immediately and never really lost that spark. Years later, we were still awkward. But we decided to give dating a shot, which ended up with us getting hitched. And now, we are no longer awkward! Jk, we still are.

Chapter 2: Disaster of a wedding day

We decided to have an outdoor wedding and wouldn’t you know it, the skies opened up and dumped rain on us like it was the end of the world. It flooded our tent reception space, it made our ceremony area a swampy mess, and it turned the gravel driveway into a muddy slip and slide for cars. We had to bring all of our outdoor equipment into a cramped indoor lodge and re-do the decorations, all while trying to get dressed and ready. We were freaking out.

chapter 3: Game changers

Despite all the bad, we had two people in our corner. They not only saved our wedding day, but transformed the chaos into a unique and beautiful memory. They were our photographers. They recognized what was valuable to us and then became our advocates. With their encouragement, we decided to have the ceremony outside where we wanted, rain and mud be damned. They helped move the chairs and tables inside, they drove to every nearby store to purchase umbrellas, and they spoke truth and encouragement to us the entire day. The photos and memories of our muddy, rainy ceremony, and all of our guests with their umbrellas is something we wouldn't trade for anything. 

chapter 4: #goals

We want to be for you what they were to us. A couple level heads committed to service in a sea of impossible circumstances. We want to take stupid cool photos, but we also want to help make your wedding day what you want it to be. You are our priority, everything else is secondary. 

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